Recently, I have never done something like traveling.

Recently, I have never done something like traveling. There were various events such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, it was not there on the occasion. Children can now do their own thing a little, so I'm saving money as soon as I want to go somewhere. There is also a case of being a child, after all it is domestic travel to think. Domestic travel is safe for money, and it is safe because there is no language barrier. Anyway, because there are children, considering something when I was sick, after all I could not travel overseas a bit. In domestic traveling, the thing that I want to go most is Kyoto. I have been going for quite a while since I was a student, but no matter what I say, that unique feeling does not accumulate. Food is also delicious, and traditional pickles do not collect as well. Also, if you extend a little bit, there is also ""USJ"" within the same Kinki area so you can bring your children. Kyoto alone, I feel sorry for my child a bit. Someday, I hope to have a sunny day with my kids and parents.

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